on 2009-03-31 04:27 pm (UTC)
luxken27: (Equals)
Posted by [personal profile] luxken27
it's reassuring to know somebody has faith in me!

:D Even the cheerleader needs support sometimes, LOL.

*points* I SO blame you. Not only multiple WIPs at once, but even AU ones! And I just started writing a SUPER-ANGSTY DRAMA Mir/San post-canon fic.
*buries face in hands*

Ahahahahaha! If I must suffer from multiple biting bunnies, so must others around me! AU is tricky, but it can be done right (and, well, now that the canon is technically over...everything's AU in some sense?).

Is your Mir/San also multichapter?

*cheers* Yay! Thank ya' kindly!!

No problem :)

I still can't believe I'm anxiously awaiting another chapter of a Sess/Kag fic. What with that, my multiple WIPs and writing an AU... I'm totally afraid I woke up in an alternate dimension a few weeks ago and just have yet to leave...

LOL! Well at least my dark side has cookies :) That always makes the stay enjoyable.

One of the issues I'm having is that I want to use two prompts for the upcoming scene(s) in question, but I don't know if I want to split them up or keep them together...if I want to wait until I have it all finished, or just work up one part and post it...I kinda don't want to use two prompts for one chapter, I like the idea of ending up with 30 chapters, it's such a nice round number...GAH!

At least its already plotted - its nice to worry about aesthetics instead of story for a change!
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