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Even the cheerleader needs support sometimes, LOL.

LOL! I totally need a cheerleader icon of some sort... *puts on to-do list*

If I must suffer from multiple biting bunnies, so must others around me!

*looks around the bed* I think I could walk from my bed to the door and not hit the floor, there are so many rabid bunnies... I may need a taser...

Is your Mir/San also multichapter?

So far, yeah. It started as a one-shot that I started going cross-eyed at after hitting page 18 in Word... then I woke up and decided I needed to tweak things and realized that if an author I loved ended a fic like that (there was no real ending... just kind of a "and they lived happily ever after. Or did they? WHO KNOWS?!" type thing) I would be salivating in the reviews for moar...
*headdesk* NOW my bunnies are encouraging me to break this up into a serial through the Mir/San challenge community...
*blink* I guess the upshot is... I have no clue yet, LOL

Well at least my dark side has cookies :) That always makes the stay enjoyable.

Score! I am totally into cookies!

I kinda don't want to use two prompts for one chapter, I like the idea of ending up with 30 chapters, it's such a nice round number...GAH!

I was looking at the prompt board last night with the VERY SAME PROBLEM OMG

LOL And isn't it great to know where a story is going and just have to worry about how it's put together? That's been my problem with my last chapter of Control for the last few days... and I just tell myself at least I know where the story is headed and what's next...

Edit: *re-reads her reply* "...if an author I loved..." Oh, hi there, ego. I was wondering where you went... *facepalm* Totally didn't mean it that way...
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