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Because I need more things to write like I need a hole in the head... but if you read my last post, you'll know I'm contemplating just that!

I'm copying [ profile] kmoaton and [ profile] luxken27 and grabbing a claim at [ profile] un_love_you  - Inu/Kag, of course!
This will be an AU series... taking place in the world of equestrian showing, even!!
To be honest - I don't expect a lot of feedback, but if you enjoy it, then I'm glad.

01.You were right about me.02.I was wrong about you.03.This cancels out the hurt.
04.I need to want you.05.You can be like me.06.I want to need you.
07.Prove it.08.I'm cruel.09.Always wondered what this'd be like.
10.I'm broken.11.Thought I needed this.12.I'm drunk.
13.I want to hurt you.14.I'm awake and you're breathing.15.This is my desperation in action.
16.I want to break you.17.Wish I didn't love you.18.I pity you.
19.This isn't about you at all.20.I hate you, you bitch.21.You'll do.
22.I hate myself.23.You remind me of me.24.I want you to hate me.
25.You remind me of someone.26.I can be like you.27.Author's Choice: I don't want to need you
28.Author's Choice.29.Author's Choice.30.Author's Choice.

on 2009-03-31 04:46 pm (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] luxken27
LOL! I totally need a cheerleader icon of some sort... *puts on to-do list*

Correction, a fandom cheerleader icon. If I knew how to make a .gif icon, I'd use that smiley and make one for you, but alas...that's a bit out of my area of expertise :P

*headdesk* NOW my bunnies are encouraging me to break this up into a serial through the Mir/San challenge community...
*blink* I guess the upshot is... I have no clue yet, LOL

The upshot is that you have a plot, LOL - like you said, its nice to have a plot already in hand, just waiting for the stylish part of the brain to catch up and make up its mind about presentation :P

Re: your edit - I guess I didn't read it that way, because I came to reply and was like, "Bzuh?"

And now you know why I have so many open/ambiguous endings!! So I don't have to make up my mind! :P


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