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Because I REALLY NEED MORE THINGS TO WRITE (/sarcasm) I have snagged the [ profile] pr_au100 fic table.
I fully, wholeheartedly, absolutely utterly and completely blame [ profile] eggplantlady and Shawn30 for this. 100% BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME. You are terrible horrible evil influences and should be ashamed. I bet you aren't!

So direct any "where are the rest of your update?!" complaints to them.

This fic... is nameless as of yet (dammit) and features Kim... and Trini/Kat. Post-Turbo1.

001.Beginnings002.Endings003.Somewhere In Between004.First005.Dead Last
006.Sunrise007.Sunset008.Too Much009.Not Enough010.Sixth Sense
011.Uh-oh!012.Success013.A Real Big Problem014.Save the Day015.Villain (antagonist)
016.King017.Queen018.Joker019.Sidekick020.Evil is Fun!
026.Just Passing Through027.Fight!028.You only Hurt the Ones you Love029.School030.Music
036.Destruction037.What was that?038.Against All Odds039.Missing040.Choices
041.Hopelessness042.Blind043.Deaf044.Reluctant Hero045.Attitude
046.What has gone before047.Parents048.Life049.Leaving it all behind050.Robot
056.White057.Black058.Morph! (change)059.Keeping It Secret060.Welcome to the Club
061.What cool toys you have!062.Zords (vehicles)063.Hours064.Time Warp065.Teammates
071.Heart072.Diamond in the Rough073.Agony074.Healing075.Storm
081.Breakfast082.Lunch083.Dinner084.Drink085.Resistance is Futile
086.Winter087.Spring088.Summer089.Fall090.A New Year
091.Birthday092.Holiday093.Thank You094.Lost095.Found
096.Writer‘s Choice097.Writer‘s Choice098.Writer‘s Choice099.Writer‘s Choice100.Writer‘s Choice

on 2010-12-16 09:01 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]

-Snickers- Oh, I'm the same. My room is a disaster (although part of that is because I really don't have any place to put anything right now), but my computer is somewhat organized. Kinda. It makes sense to me, okay?

I am extremely lucky: I can't draw very well, but I *do* have an associate's degree in Graphic Design. I'm not the best designer out there, but I know how to make things, which makes me happy. Plus I enjoy it, which is what matters. ^_^ Now if I could just find a job combining fanfiction and graphic design ...

-Giggles- Yes! There will be all sorts of backgrounds for relationships and how/why people joined S.P.D. and all that good stuff! Kind of like Bright Skies, but not focused on Wes and Eric and their issues. Instead it's about *everyone's* issues! ♥

And yes. They ARE. And they do! Which is totally why we love and adore them so. -Beams-

But responding to long rambly comments is half the fun!

on 2010-12-16 11:20 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Ooh, I like! -Beams-

Oh, don't worry about dramatic. My titles either make little sense in relation to the story, or ... well, I have Cataclysm and Damsels in Distress. Cataclysm is about the aftermath of CtD, and Damsels in Distress is going to be about Cassie hunting down Phantom to get some answers and the resulting chaos. So, you're in good company. ^_~

As for your job hunting suggestion, I haven't seen any around that are hiring, but I'll check. The other issue I keep running into is that most places want you to have a Bachelor's Degree, and I only have an Associate's. -Sighs-

I wish you and Your Betrayal the best of luck, and I'll see what I can do about making you both a banner! ^_~


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