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2011-11-06 02:32 am
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Dear Sailor Letter

For [community profile] 3_ships

Dear Sailor,
:D :D :D Welcome to my corner of the internet! This is my first time doing this exchange but I am already super-excited :D :D :D
However, if this note leaves you blinking in confusion, I am sure if you hit up [personal profile] thesecondbatgirl she will answer questions and help you out.
Okay, I would start out by saying that "I love everything, honest" but as I understand (and have been in that position before) it is really not the most helpful comment, no matter how true it is. SO. Here's a little bit more about me/my likes:

Overall: I am really into all genres, with fluff, ridiculous situations, porn and drama topping the list. Smut is definitely not a requirement, but if you so choose I will not be disappointed. I'm pretty open-minded about kinks (light bdsm is fun!) but please no harder/darker ones like vore, ageplay, etc.

1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Kim/Tommy/Jason
"Jealousy (no established Jason/Kim, please!!!)"
So, like I mentioned in the prompt, I am actually not a big Kim/Jason fan. I am very solidly and ridiculously madly in love with Kim/Tommy... but I adore the idea of Jason having a thing for Tommy and being jealous, and wanting in. And "sharing is caring" has always been a fun motto of mine!
I honestly think this prompt would be best to take place in Season 2 after Tommy comes back as the White Ranger (since there's already established Kim/Tommy and Jason had just gotten off the "woe is me I miss my boyfriend" riff) but really, I am fond of this threesome anytime and anywhere. Obviously this lends itself to drama, but fluff and porn totally work for me.
(note: the "moresome" line was just me being dumb and accidentally copy/pasting from the second prompt. Feel free to ignore it.)

2. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger - Ahim/Luka/Don
"Don&Luka Bodyswap"
I totally prompted this after seeing episode 27, where Luka and Don are bodyswapped. If you haven't seen it, Luka gets up to all sorts of shenanigans in Don's body (picking up chicks, making him look pretty) while Don trails behind carrying bags, being grumpy, and then getting into trouble. But Ahim seems exceedingly upset by this turn of events, and in my head-canon it is because she and Luka are total girlfriends. I would love to see some smut (or even just fluffy cuddle-times) of these three coming to terms with what happened before things are fixed. Or if you're no familiar with the ep, maybe it just happens and can't be fixed.
:D This show is all about shenanigans. :D

3. Power Rangers Samurai - Mia/Emily/Kevin
Really, despite all the ragging he gets on the show, I adore Kevin like burning because he is just so earnest about everything and training. And Mia and Emily clearly are very determined not to let the boys be better than them - they will kick ass and take names (and do!). I would pretty much like anything for these three (since I feel like Kevin gets left out of a lot of PR:S fic) and if Antonio and Mike happen to come along to get them to relax a little bit, then all the more power to them!

4. Avengers (Marvel Movieverse) - Thor/Tony Stark/Natasha Romanoff
"Seduction, playboys, debauchery"
OMG This movie and these preview movies and OMG. I'm seriously so excited; I cannot wait. But I have a conundrum, and that is that the Avengers fandom is 95% Tony/Steve, and I just cannot see it... because I don't think Steve could handle Tony's shenanigans and playboy-ness. HOWEVER, Thor is just as big a drinker/seducer/fan of big spectacles and explosions. Them drinking, hitting on women (like Natasha) and just getting into ridiculous shenanigans and dragging Natasha into their nights would thrill me. <3
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2011-10-19 05:00 am


So on the way to work today, Levi and I were talking about how - since I hadn't heard back from the Orlando station, not even an email acknowledging my thank you e-mail OR my follow-up email - we could use the money we were saving for the move.  Our car needs what will probably be pretty expensive repairs.  My DVD drive on my laptop is no longer work and it is making whiny noises at me - it's time for a new one.

So we agree that that's this weekend's goals.

I get in only to be greeted by this email:

Hi Kim,
Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. We are way behind schedule. I will update you as soon as I know something.
*Executive Producer*

Now, I can't really hold it against them, because this is a rough time, especially if they're understaffed. But...
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2011-09-11 02:33 pm


Okay, I tried to find a cute and yet awesome image for [ profile] landofthekwt's birthday, but I failed (probably because there are lots of painkillers in my system right now) and I also failed at getting writing done (sorry! Consider this an IOU!) BUT I did want to take this moment and say:

You are so awesome <3 Your comments on things never fail to make me giggle. I can always count on you for solid commentary when I'm in a bind. I can count on you to kinda facepalm at me when I am over-the-top excited about fandomy stuff.

And you know what? You deserve a million times more recognition than I can give you. So I just wanted to take a moment and say YOU ARE AWESOME.

<3 <3 I hope your birthday is as great as you are! <3 <3
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2011-09-09 04:10 am

Have Some Music

Have some music got stuck in my head - a perfect Kat/Trini song that is just beautiful <3

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2011-08-23 02:28 am

Screw You, Irene!

Good news: Irene moved further to the East!
Bad news: It's gonna be a Cat 4... SO THAT DOESN'T MEAN SHIT.

My beta made me this, and it made me giggle:

Is comin' to get me!

Anyway... yeah.  Work continues.  Storms continue.  We're going shopping for hurricane supplies after work, although if it gets that strong, we'll probably send Levi over to his parents' place in Bradenton if/when I go 12 on/off.  He can take the cat and stay safe.  Outside of kitty claws.
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2010-12-16 12:31 am
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PR_AU100 Challenge Table

Because I REALLY NEED MORE THINGS TO WRITE (/sarcasm) I have snagged the [ profile] pr_au100 fic table.
I fully, wholeheartedly, absolutely utterly and completely blame [ profile] eggplantlady and Shawn30 for this. 100% BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME. You are terrible horrible evil influences and should be ashamed. I bet you aren't!

So direct any "where are the rest of your update?!" complaints to them.

This fic... is nameless as of yet (dammit) and features Kim... and Trini/Kat. Post-Turbo1.
Table Of Doom )
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2010-08-18 02:55 pm
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A quick update - I apologize if things are spelled wrong but I'm updating via Blackberry.
My laptop is dead. Dead dead dead. Hopefully a family friend can fix it Friday (he's worked on comps the last 20 years) but until then, I'm stuck bumming off other people. Thank every deity ever that all my writing is on a flash drive.
I should have computer access tonight at my next place of visiting - I've been following LJ text-wise but haven't tried commenting; that'll hopefully happen tonight so expect lots of late remarks.
IY people, go vote at the IYFG please! :)

If you need me for anything, e-mail me. I can still access that quickly.
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2010-03-01 02:07 am
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Un_Love_You Prompt Table (MMPR)

Because I can't stop writing for some reason - I'm picking up a second [ profile] un_love_you prompt. This is going to be in the MMPR-verse, and is (of course) Tommy/Kim

I plan on setting the entire series in the High School years, because there's just not enough!
Prompt Table Behind The Cut )
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2009-03-30 09:52 pm


Because I need more things to write like I need a hole in the head... but if you read my last post, you'll know I'm contemplating just that!

I'm copying [ profile] kmoaton and [ profile] luxken27 and grabbing a claim at [ profile] un_love_you  - Inu/Kag, of course!
This will be an AU series... taking place in the world of equestrian showing, even!!
To be honest - I don't expect a lot of feedback, but if you enjoy it, then I'm glad.

Un_Love_You Prompt Table! )